We’ve waited for this. 😥 We expected this. 🤔 This has now happened. 😢

We’ve waited for this. 😥 We expected this. 🤔 This has now happened. 😢

You probably all know by now that the hunting season finished last week and the simple fact is… they dump or murder their dogs in the most hideous ways. The hunters aren’t prepared to pay for food during the closed season and the less well the dogs have performed, then if death is their punishment, it will be more grizzly.

So when the “Gypsy man” as Colleen calls him, appears, we’re angry but we’re also relieved. The dogs are at least alive.

So this morning he turns up with a young female that we’ve called Opal and a young male called Jasper. Colleen had just finished settling them in to the newly refurbished indoor pens when the bell goes again. On the trailer is new mum Rayas with her two tiny puppies, Lucky and Charm. Also with them was handsome Mármol.

So this has happened in one morning. How many more will follow? I’ll give you now some facts.

If Colleen gets to sleep, the worry wakes her. You wonderful people donated towards a pallet of food which at €585 was due to be paid and in one weeks time the next pallet will have to be paid for again. Thankfully we have a little money donated towards this but not all. We have to buy puppy food. We have 100+ dogs. We have Vet bills. We have medication to buy. We have just ordered tick/flea drops. Today’s Galgos were alive with fleas and already the ticks are about. We have four Male Galgos booked in for sterilisation. The shop is quiet, Colleen is using her pension and going without and this really worries me. She’s been in bed with flu this week because she’s so run down and we can’t afford that.

What can we do to help Colleen to help the dogs that she never turns her back on? Can you help us, Friends of Paradise. This difficult situation is ongoing and I’m worried for my friend xx

Paypal: paradisekennels@live.com

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