The first lot of donations are on their way to Paradise Rescue Kennels

The first lot of donations are on their way to Paradise Rescue Kennels

As you know John and I have been collecting items to help this amazing rescue centre. They and many more rescues have been devastated by the terrible storms and flooding in Spain which occurred ten days ago.

We could not have done this on our own we have been helped by the most amazing people who have given dog beds, blankets, towels, toys, food, etc. etc. The list is endless.

You amazing people. Thank you each and everyone one of you.

Without the help of Precious Paws Pet Transport run by Sonja Mills and her husband Dave, today would not have been possible. They help the rescue dogs in so many ways. THANK YOU Sonja and Dave. The photos show the van loaded to the roof. They are also taking items to help other rescue centres who have been destroyed too.

We also want to thank Marie Bottley and those from East Grinstead Dogs. Sandra Giles and Colliewobbles Fun Dog Club. Jenny and Ted. Jean and Kimberley. Laura Jacques. Belinda Jacques. Helgaz Flowers and their Smallfield customers.Rita M Lygoe. I do hope I have not forgotten anyone

We are still collecting and there will
be more thank yous to come. Love you all and so happy to have such lovely kind people in our lives.

I know Paradise Rescue Kennels will be overwhelmed by your donations.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lorraine and John xxxx

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