Can you spare twelve minutes and eleven seconds?

If you can, join Colleen and I on a tour of our lovely shiney, refurbished kennels. Make yourself a cuppa, SWITCH UP THE VOLUME and come with us to Paradise.

Loads of credit to Peter Jay who’s worked tirelessly through the heat of the summer. He’s knocked all the low walls down, rebuilt them higher, fitted all the metalwork and Toldos (blinds) for shade. When I’ve got a second, I’ll finish designing the sponsor plaques, then we’ll plan an open day to let you see what we do and hope that as many sponsors as possible can come and unveil their plaques

Meet little “Fuzzy” 😍 only about 5-6 years old, found a few weeks ago in Los Montisinos but no owner found…

So here he is at Paradise. He’s only a medium sized dog (See the photo where he’s in Colleen’s arms) … she absolutely loves him, by the way, so if you’re interested in him, you’ll need to prize him out of her arms. We’d love to find a home for this little boy, he’d make the perfect companion for someone… maybe you? Contact me. Mary-Ann Dunning

Pre-order your book

Here’s how you can receive your book.
1. By coming along on December 4th to the Book launch and signing event at The Welcome Inn, Benimar 2, Benijófar. Meet Colleen, Lesley and I and receive your signed copy. More details to follow.
2. From our Charity Shop in La Murada and other selected local outlets here in Spain. More details to follow.
3. By post. Additional charge for packaging and postage.
Please note that additional copies will be available to purchase on Amazon in time for Christmas.
Please also note that the price in Euros for purchasing here in Spain will be fixed at €13.50.

Here he is! Our cover boy Tony 😍

This is just a little preamble before I post all the details about buying the book. This is the cover design but when the book arrives, it’s actually glossy, the dimensions similar to an iPad and gives you stories about dog rescue in Spain through our eyes and those of the adopters. There are hints and tips, articles by, Lesley, our adopters and me. The book ends with a lovely piece straight from the bosses mouth, our Colleen 😉, there are a variety of different topics including one by our Vets, Benican, lots of pictures and is a book that you can dip in and out of. We were blown away by the response from our lovely adopters and to do justice to everyone and their story, this book sets the scene, but because we have so many stories already written, this is where Book 2 will come in. We will want to concentrate on Serial adopters and our love of Galgos and Mastins in the next one. They would have had to have been edited so much for this book, we want to give them the space they deserve. We have had people come back over and over again to adopt more of our dogs so maybe the next book should be called “Paradise Revisited ( again and again!)” We also want to give our big stories like Mother Theresa and her puppies, Mama Mia and little Stumpy and Maddy a good chunk of the book and as for our adopters with more than one Paradise dog, we couldn’t edit your stories down. It wouldn’t have been fair. So please everyone, buy our book, you’ll see the details of how you can do this on here at about 3am, (knowing the hours I keep 😩) and then we can get cracking with the next one x

Welcome to – Välkommen till Expo Torrevieja 2019

Meet – Møt – Paradise Rescue Kennels
Welcome to – Välkommen till Expo Torrevieja 2019
International Lifestyle event.
Del gjerne på facebook – Feel free to share on facebook

Welcome to Paradise rescue kennels little book shop, we offer books for only 1€, all to support our dogs.

Paradise Kennels is a rescue for abandoned, mistreated and homeless dogs.

Välkommen till Paradise rescue kennels lilla bokaffär.
Köp böcker för endast 1€, alla pengar går till våra hundar.

Paradise Kennels är énfasis rescue för övergivna, misshandlade och hemlösa hundar.

Paradise Rescue Kennels

Paradise Rescue Kennels Donation Page.

Paradise Kennels Charity Shop…/

Welcome to – Välkommen till Expo Torrevieja 2019 International Lifestyle event.


At the Expo you can meet several voluntary organizations that help people and animals.

Many out there who still need help

Saturday, 26th October and Sunday 27th October
at Auditorio Internacional de Torrevieja

Lördag, 26:e Oktober och Söndag 27:e Oktober
i Auditorio Internacional de Torrevieja

Free Entrance
Saturday 26 of October from 10:00 – 15.00. Open to the public.
Sunday 27 of October from 10:00 – 15.00. Open to the public.

Lördag 26 Oktober 10:00 – 15.00.
Söndag 27 Oktober 10:00 – 15.00.

Auditorio Internacional de Torrevieja
Partida de la Loma s/n,03183 Torrevieja, Alicante

Velkommen – Welcome

OMG! Our guardian angel, Lorraine Jacques-goodacre has been at it again!!! She’s only gone and commandeered a blooming great Pantechnicon 😳 How would we ever manage without you?


Yesterday the most amazing thing happened. St Georges European Transport have joined the team of helpers for the relief aid donations for Paradise Rescue Kennels in Spain. John and I met them yesterday when we took a car load of donations to their depot in Northfleet, Kent. What a totally professional company they are. Our thanks go to James, Katie, Jim, Steve and all the lovely team that helped us. If you are moving to Europe this is the Company to use. The donations will go on one of their trucks to Spain and then another wonderful Company has offered help to, Howells Transport. Thank you Steve Howell. I cannot tell you just what this means to John and I. Last night I slept well. We have been so concerned about how to get all the donations to Colleen at Paradise, as they are needed urgently. St George’s European Transport came to our rescue. THANK YOU is just not enough for these wonderful guys. They have also offered to help us with future donations so THREE CHEERS PLEASE for all at ST GEORGES EUROPEAN TRANSPORT AND HOWELLS TRANSPORT.

Thanks also to all the donators on this second consignment to Paradise Rescue Kennels.
Diane Phillips, Marie Bottley and East Grinstead Dogs, Alex Perkins, Sandra Giles and Colliewobbles Fun Dog Club, Laura Jacques and all Helgaz Flowers customers who donated.

In this consignment we sent towels, blankets, dog beds, dog food and treats.

We are still collecting donations as the devastating floods are still causing problems.

Once again THANK YOU xx

It’s the weekend and we all know what that means!

It means that today and tomorrow you can pop along and see all the great new things we’ve got in our Charity Shop. We’re newly stocked up with furniture, lots of clothes now in for the cooler weather. Shelves full of books, DVDs, glasswear, crockery….. You name it, you’ll find it in our Alladin’s cave. Oh!…and of course, not forgetting Colleen. She’s not for sale, but she’s there for a natter.
Tie a visit in with the superb Punjabi Palace next door or the best Pasteleria in the area ( oooh! That rhymes 🤔☺️) and of course, tomorrow’s La Murada Market.
Open 10-14.00 hours.
Dropped pin
Near Av. Marques de Lacy, 50, 03315 La Murada, Alicante

Tears at Tiendanimal 😢😢

I received a message yesterday from the wonderful supporters that we have at Tiendanimal, the huge pet Shop in Elche. They asked if we could come this evening and collect a further donation from them and their customers. They added that more than one car was needed!
I met Colleen and Peter outside and as we went into the shop, waiting at the door were Monica OM and new mum, Amparo M.Lozano. Amparo was holding our youngest Paradise supporter, baby Alejandra 😍. They have been coordinating donations to the Rescues in the area, collecting from customers and also their own supplies.
So having received a donation last week, to be called again just wasn’t expected and when Monica and Amparo pointed at the gift for us, well………predictably, Colleen and I just started crying 😢. Completely, completely unbelievable. The generosity, just unbelievable!
Tiendanimal, we love you. Friends of Paradise, we love you. We have 100 dogs here and the pallet of dry adult food that we order every three weeks costs €600. This amount doesn’t include the other food we buy. From all the donations of food that we’ve been given, for the first time, probably ever, for the coming weeks this is a payment that we won’t have to find. A worry less for Colleen and Peter. This is a massive thing, absolutely massive. Thank you so, so much xxx

Colleen’s day at the kennels.

Well, we’ve been communicating for days with Jenny Smith from Four Paws fundraisers about their visit to us. Based up in Valencia, they’d heard of the plight of rescues down here and have been fundraising and collecting things since the storm began. This morning Jenny and her husband Dave found there way to Paradise where we had a shared load and donation with Pascale. It was a big van full including five mattresses and carpets!! We’re so grateful for all of this and delighted once again to have made new friends. Jenny and Dave made the most of their journey South. Lunch at Quesada Fish and Chips 😜 and a stock up at Iceland Supermarket. Thank you both for your efforts and those of your fellow Four Paws fundraisers. Thank you for caring xxx

Today at Paradise. A poorly dog and lovely people!

An early morning meet-up with Colleen at Benican Vets, with a beautiful poorly girl. Three weeks ago Colleen took in this lovely big Podenco to avoid it being shot 😢 Unfortunately Colleen noticed that she had mammary tumours and for the last couple of weeks her weight has been dropping. She’s also developed a large swelling around and above her right eye. The Vet spent a lot of time with her and everything’s crossed that things aren’t too bad. She’s such a gentle, lovely girl.
So from Benican it was a quick wizz back to the Kennels in readiness for our exciting meet-up with Dave and Sonja Mills of Precious Paws Pet Transport. Peter came with me so we had two vehicles. Sonja had been collecting things for us and kindly also brought the things that Lorraine Jacques-goodacre and Marie Bottley had gathered together. It was like Christmas! So exciting. Lots of treats for the dogs and our twenty odd kennel cats are also being thought about. Something that really excited us were the hard plastic dog beds. Rarely have we had enough for more than one in a run. It’s a luxury that we could never afford, with these gifts along with some of your donations our hundred or so dogs can look forward to a cozy winter…..beds all round! Sue Gregory one of Sonja’s friends persuaded the RSPCA to send us some and Boy! We weren’t disappointed! Talking of cozy, we were also given a big bag of hand knitted dog coats. So important as winter approaches. Precious Paws also collected from Pets at Home. Big organisations helping Paradise…..just extraordinary!
Queenie Oliver came through and organised our bedding and towelling room. As a lot of you know, every winter we have to put out a plea for bedding. This may well be the first year ever that we won’t need to ☺️ We’re also expecting the aircraft blankets that Julie Hills is collecting from Heathrow. This situation is a luxury and we’ll even be able to help other rescues. Everyone pulling in the same direction.
Thankfully, Colleen had grabbed some sausage rolls on the way home. We’d been so busy that it wasn’t until 3pm that I remembered I hadn’t even had breakfast 😩
So after that quick munch, Colleen started all her kennel work while off I went to Corvera Airport to meet Tamara (Ta Co) a friend of our Galgo supporter, Lindsay Bogaert. She was so sorry for all the flood animals that she wanted to give something. She made a lovely entrance into the car park in her cabriolet car with Don Vitesse, the Galgo, perched in the back. She gave us some large bags of natural dog food. What a lovely lady. Driving up from the coast in Almeria.
So once again, a day of generosity, new friendships for Paradise and the bonus of ducking into IKEA on my journey home. Tomorrow I have a date with a screwdriver. Thank you one and all. xxx