We would love you to help us with this!

As our Jewellery Auction draws to a close, we’ve got to get cracking with our exciting “Christmas Bonanza Auction”.
We will have lots of things to buy outright and lots to bid for and what we’d like, is for you to rummage through your drawers for unwanted presents that you think others might want. We need good quality items suitable for mailing. If you’re a crafter, artist, knitter, anything creative, we’d love you to donate to this fundraiser. If you have anything you think is suitable, please message me Mary-Ann Dunning and I’ll tell you how we’ll run it.
Make sure you check in to our Auction page to see the Jewellery winners on Sunday and then in the following week or so, the photos of the next items will be popping up. Let’s make it a success for our dogs x