Colleen and Peter are totally exhausted. They’re fighting a losing battle. There’s no let up in the rain and the kennels are completely flooded. The dogs are standing in water. The very old pump was limping along but it didn’t have enough power to deal with this level of water. Their washing machine and tumble dryer which lived on the lower outside terrace are destroyed. Now they’ve got no electricity, just to top it off and the water tank has now overflowed. They’re bailing out their courtyard to stop it getting in to the house, which is full of their own and kennel dogs. Their kitchen roof has started to leak. Our fantastic party money is already spent on the next pallet of food (which we’ll need sooner because of flood damage) and the vet bill which we’re trying to pay off. There’s now only one way to turn and that’s to you, dear friends. I can’t get to the Kennels yet as they’re cut off but I’ll be buying extra buckets, mops, disinfectants etc, if we could afford a pump or even hire one, that would be great.
Our PayPal is: paradisekennels@live.com
There are also other ways you can help. We desperately need big plastic dog beds, more towels, and bedding. If anyone has a spare washer or dryer (big ask I know, but both so necessary). I might be able to arrange some drop off points if I can get them.
Lastly. We’ll need volunteers. It won’t be today or maybe not tomorrow, but if you could help with the cleanup operation and possibly come at short notice, once we get the call, we would be so, so grateful. We’ll keep you updated as the day goes on. Thanks in anticipation xxx