Today at Paradise. A poorly dog and lovely people!

An early morning meet-up with Colleen at Benican Vets, with a beautiful poorly girl. Three weeks ago Colleen took in this lovely big Podenco to avoid it being shot 😢 Unfortunately Colleen noticed that she had mammary tumours and for the last couple of weeks her weight has been dropping. She’s also developed a large swelling around and above her right eye. The Vet spent a lot of time with her and everything’s crossed that things aren’t too bad. She’s such a gentle, lovely girl.
So from Benican it was a quick wizz back to the Kennels in readiness for our exciting meet-up with Dave and Sonja Mills of Precious Paws Pet Transport. Peter came with me so we had two vehicles. Sonja had been collecting things for us and kindly also brought the things that Lorraine Jacques-goodacre and Marie Bottley had gathered together. It was like Christmas! So exciting. Lots of treats for the dogs and our twenty odd kennel cats are also being thought about. Something that really excited us were the hard plastic dog beds. Rarely have we had enough for more than one in a run. It’s a luxury that we could never afford, with these gifts along with some of your donations our hundred or so dogs can look forward to a cozy winter…..beds all round! Sue Gregory one of Sonja’s friends persuaded the RSPCA to send us some and Boy! We weren’t disappointed! Talking of cozy, we were also given a big bag of hand knitted dog coats. So important as winter approaches. Precious Paws also collected from Pets at Home. Big organisations helping Paradise…..just extraordinary!
Queenie Oliver came through and organised our bedding and towelling room. As a lot of you know, every winter we have to put out a plea for bedding. This may well be the first year ever that we won’t need to ☺️ We’re also expecting the aircraft blankets that Julie Hills is collecting from Heathrow. This situation is a luxury and we’ll even be able to help other rescues. Everyone pulling in the same direction.
Thankfully, Colleen had grabbed some sausage rolls on the way home. We’d been so busy that it wasn’t until 3pm that I remembered I hadn’t even had breakfast 😩
So after that quick munch, Colleen started all her kennel work while off I went to Corvera Airport to meet Tamara (Ta Co) a friend of our Galgo supporter, Lindsay Bogaert. She was so sorry for all the flood animals that she wanted to give something. She made a lovely entrance into the car park in her cabriolet car with Don Vitesse, the Galgo, perched in the back. She gave us some large bags of natural dog food. What a lovely lady. Driving up from the coast in Almeria.
So once again, a day of generosity, new friendships for Paradise and the bonus of ducking into IKEA on my journey home. Tomorrow I have a date with a screwdriver. Thank you one and all. xxx