This week we had someone wanting to adopt a dog.

This person had previously adopted a dog from us which he tried to return a few months later. Colleen waited on more than one occasion for him to bring him back, but he didn’t bother to turn up. 
This week he messages us that he wants to adopt a dog. We recognised his name and when asked about the other little dog…..well, he’d apparently given it away. When I told him that in these circumstances we would not allow another dog to go to him it got a bit unpleasant and we, apparently, are bad people because we hold on to our dogs rather than rehome them. He is now intending to blacken our name. Do we care?
Well, we’d prefer that he didn’t but if preventing a bad adoption means we get this exposure, so be it. Our followers know that we do the very best for our dogs. We are responsible rescuers here at Paradise. The dog’s wellbeing comes first every time. 
Our Satu Järlbrink posted this on her page. Please feel free to share it x