Tears at Tiendanimal 😢😢

I received a message yesterday from the wonderful supporters that we have at Tiendanimal, the huge pet Shop in Elche. They asked if we could come this evening and collect a further donation from them and their customers. They added that more than one car was needed!
I met Colleen and Peter outside and as we went into the shop, waiting at the door were Monica OM and new mum, Amparo M.Lozano. Amparo was holding our youngest Paradise supporter, baby Alejandra 😍. They have been coordinating donations to the Rescues in the area, collecting from customers and also their own supplies.
So having received a donation last week, to be called again just wasn’t expected and when Monica and Amparo pointed at the gift for us, well………predictably, Colleen and I just started crying 😢. Completely, completely unbelievable. The generosity, just unbelievable!
Tiendanimal, we love you. Friends of Paradise, we love you. We have 100 dogs here and the pallet of dry adult food that we order every three weeks costs €600. This amount doesn’t include the other food we buy. From all the donations of food that we’ve been given, for the first time, probably ever, for the coming weeks this is a payment that we won’t have to find. A worry less for Colleen and Peter. This is a massive thing, absolutely massive. Thank you so, so much xxx