Here he is! Our cover boy Tony 😍

This is just a little preamble before I post all the details about buying the book. This is the cover design but when the book arrives, it’s actually glossy, the dimensions similar to an iPad and gives you stories about dog rescue in Spain through our eyes and those of the adopters. There are hints and tips, articles by, Lesley, our adopters and me. The book ends with a lovely piece straight from the bosses mouth, our Colleen 😉, there are a variety of different topics including one by our Vets, Benican, lots of pictures and is a book that you can dip in and out of. We were blown away by the response from our lovely adopters and to do justice to everyone and their story, this book sets the scene, but because we have so many stories already written, this is where Book 2 will come in. We will want to concentrate on Serial adopters and our love of Galgos and Mastins in the next one. They would have had to have been edited so much for this book, we want to give them the space they deserve. We have had people come back over and over again to adopt more of our dogs so maybe the next book should be called “Paradise Revisited ( again and again!)” We also want to give our big stories like Mother Theresa and her puppies, Mama Mia and little Stumpy and Maddy a good chunk of the book and as for our adopters with more than one Paradise dog, we couldn’t edit your stories down. It wouldn’t have been fair. So please everyone, buy our book, you’ll see the details of how you can do this on here at about 3am, (knowing the hours I keep 😩) and then we can get cracking with the next one x