Every month is a hard month but January’s really hard 😢

A Pallet of food for our adult dogs lasts for just under 3 weeks. It costs Colleen €585. As well as this, there’s puppy food to buy, things to add to the dry food, like the chicken which she cooks up. We have a sterilisation program and this week, three were sterilised at a cost of €330. There are lots and lots of hidden expenses like the gallons of cleaning products we use, the water tanker that comes to fill up our tank……and of course, never ending Vet bills, the list goes on.
Our Charity Shop has good days and bad days, during the winter months there are more bad ones. Our Coffee Club is great in that the monthly income from it is something we can rely on but at the moment our outgoings are much more than our income……so what to do? Well. I just wondered if there was a chance you could spare us the cost of a cup of coffee once a month or maybe just as a one off donation. You see I’d really like to give Colleen a bit of breathing space by trying to raise enough money for the next pallet and I’d like to give her a couple of worry free weeks. What do you think? Are you in?
The link to our Coffee Club is: http://paradiserescuekennels.com/monthly-donation/
Our PayPal is paradisekennels@live.com
Thank you x