Another big delivery!

The response to this appeal has been absolutely amazing! Peter is working all day everyday and the kennels look sparkly new. We so far have had a staggering €8000 from our sponsors which has exceeded our dreams and expectations. We asked for help to refurbish 28 pens but not only have we passed that target but we’re on the way towards enough to add two extra pens, and a refurb and reroof to our isolation area! We just can’t think of enough words to express our gratitude. Once I’ve finished everything for the Book deadline and the party’s been and gone, I’ll continue with the plaque designs and we’ll be ready for a Grand Relaunch of Paradise Rescue Kennels at an Open Day. In the meantime, can I thank these wonderful people for making it possible
Pads x 4 pens 
Platform 1 x 2 pens
Lesley Elder 
Lorraine &John J-G 
Tommy &Irene Cunningham 
Sylvie Neis x 2 pens 
Dave & Alison Hook 
Paco & Luna Stotesbury 
Anna- Marie Neis 
Chads Bar 
Frederick Newman x 2 pens 
Chris & Margaret Johnson 
P J Osbourne- McHugh 
Bill & Rita Fagence. La Murada
David Cook & Alison Shaw 
Mary-Ann, Alan & Blossom
Peter Turner the painter 
Jenny Dixon 
Javier Properties 
Kristina & Bobby Sharp
Annette Fricker 
The Ladies Friday Club
The Med Bar 
Jenny Dexter 
Jacqui Staunton
Maria Rossvall
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