Pride of Spain 2018

Well Colleen had a bit of a surprise. We thought that for her to get a chance of winning this wonderful accolade, we’d need to get lots of people voting. Well! How wrong we were. She made it to the top three by the online vote that we hadn’t realised had happened and the interview we went to was in fact for the panel to choose the winner!!!
Looking back, it was maybe a good thing that Colleen hadn’t realised because she was just her normal self and came over really well. I was really proud of her.
The Award Ceremony isn’t before the end of October so we’ll have to contain ourselves till then but even though you can’t vote for her, your comments on the other post have been great. Thank you all. Keep everything crossed x

Our recent adoptions

Here is a few of our recent adoptions, now in their forever homes 💕

Life’s been so tough since leaving Paradise! Lots of love, Harry (Kane).

Chibs (Stevie) update: He is alot more confident and off lead walks are going well. He much prefers walking off lead and his recall is great but he pretends not to hear us when he knows walks are coming to an end! He’s off to the vets on Tuesday for ‘The op’ and to have his double dew claws removed. He’s nailed sit and paw when he gets a treat and takes it ‘gently’. He’s very affectionate and loves a lie in because he knows he’s going to get cuddles and play with Irma (the only cat who will play with him 😄) We are also going through squeaky toys at a rate of knots 😂 We love him ❤

Welcome to our new little girl , lady . Picked her up today from paradise , finally met Colleen what a fantastic lady. Thanks for all you did for her , now it’s our turn to look after her. This one’s for you Skippy , we still miss you every day xx Return trip for Cedric too xx

Happy, Happy, Happy News!
Guess who’s arrived at his forever home……yes it’s our one and only DYLAN!!!

Whoop! Whoop! The serial kisser that is Ruby and her gorgeous little sidekick Mijo have arrived in Scotland and an exciting new life with the Peebles. Thank you for not splitting these two sweethearts 💖💙

It was in the early hours that our lovely Freia arrived at the first stage of her new life. Ann Stapleton-Amphlett will be taking her today to meet Nikki Dalton and her family where she’ll now get the future she deserves. Have a wonderful life Freia. 💖

She’s done it! We always knew she would 💖💖💖 Beautiful Cleo has at last found her forever home and it couldn’t be better. She’s going to live in Sucina with lookalike, Eddie and new adoptive parents Susan Burgess and her husband. Do things get better than this on a stormy day? This is simply wonderful!

Kira and her favourite pastime – squirrel spotting!

One Saturday as we like them to Paradise kennels!
We had an adoption!!! The first one to leave……there’s still 2 ……..come to meet them….
We wish you a lot of happiness!!!


Galgo puppies – 11 little girls & 2 little boys

***********💖11 little girls and 2 little boys💙************

Look at our lovely Mother Theresa and her beautiful babies. What a great job she’s making of being a mum. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could find homes for all her puppies when they’re ready to leave her and especially a home for this gentle soul too? If anyone would like to register an interest in one of these little sweethearts or Mummy Theresa, please contact us.

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THIS IS VERY URGENT! Due to the serious illness of one of Colleen’s close friends, Paradise have taken dear old PURDY in to our care. HOWEVER. She is a loving house dog and at her age, 10 years old with a touch of arthritis, she really needs to be in a home. Because we want this so desperately for her, if someone could take her, Paradise are prepared to pick up any Vet bills incurred. We so want the best for this old sweetheart in her twilight years and so, can you please consider this, share this, do anything you can to make her happy again. She’s currently spending all day just looking down the path. 😢 come on Friends of Paradise……you haven’t let us down yet

Adoption news

What a couple of weeks we’ve had, here at Paradise!!! First, Marla the Mastin goes off to a foster home, freeing up her best friend Blossom to be adopted. Then Ruby the little lovable Boxer Mix gets a new mum who doesn’t want to split a bonded pair so is taking Mijo the little Podenco too and then…….Then Dylan finds his lovely mum, Anne, Kane gets adopted and now little Spike the Pinscher has gone to a new home……WOW! Just WOW!


A pile of puppies

Casper, Misty, Sparky, Bianca, Crystal, Ice and their little friend Toffee…….A PILE OF PUPPIES!
When a young man advertised these sweet little white puppies as being found in the Campo, his father stepped in and handed them into the Police. Frightened for their future, Colleen stepped in to find that they’d been moved to the CATAD in Cartagena.
Pascale and Mary-Ann set off on a mission to meet the kind hearted men who look after the abandoned dogs there. Of course they came back to the Kennels with all six plus a sweet little toffee coloured Galgo who snook into Pascale’s handbag 😉 All these puppies will be available for adoption and watch out for individual photos coming soon.

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