Relationships with other rescue organisations

We’re forging some great relationships with other rescue organisations at the moment and today we’re very pleased to announce that our latest partners are Rescue Dogs / Perros Abandonados Comunicacion Valencia.
We look forward to a successful future together.

Everything is gleaming

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, Satu Järlbrink and Joanna Peers who have worked so hard, the shop is all set for the big day!
Satu’s had some great signage printed, so there’s no doubt about the rules that need to be observed.
So all we need now is for tomorrow to come and we’ll be BACK IN BUSINESS!

Shop announcement: As long as the next phase permits, we will re-open on friday 29th May.

Things will obviously be done differently. The opening times will be as before. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10am till 2pm.
Gloves and masks must be worn at all times and only two shoppers in the shop at any time.
At the moment we are not accepting donations of clothing.
Everything in the shop has been cleaned to within an inch of its life over the last two weeks, for everyone’s safety.
We hope you’ll be able to pop by and support us.
There’s great stuff in there and Colleen Jay can’t wait to see some familiar faces (at a social distance 😉) #GettingUsedToTheNewNormal xx

It’s been such a long time coming!

But off went our lovely Opal to the Traces Kennel in readiness for her journey to Ishbel Thallon in Scotland. She’s all dressed up in her new harness and collar, a present from Auntie Colleen, who loved this girl very much. Safe journey with Jamie and Jeanette Scott and all the other little dogs going to their new homes at long last xxx

The time has come! These little beauties are now avaiable to reserve…

…Something to look forward to when lockdown is finally over.

In the puppy house, as you’ll know (if you’ve been following their antics), we have available from the Podenco mum and her Galgo and Pointer mates, 4 males and 2 females. Available in our little Boxer litter are 2 Brindle boys and 2 brindle girls. Alongside these we have the Galga “Mother” to them all, Majkens (originally known as Rayas) with her two little puppies, Lucky, the boy and Charm, the girl. Finally we have our Super-pup, Cosmo the Mastin.
All these puppies will be available to reserve, subject to an initial “Virtual Homecheck” and a real one when possible again.
All the puppies will be getting their second vaccinations next Tuesday when our Vet visits. You can see pictures of all the puppies posted in a separate post, later today.
If you would like to reserve one, please contact me for full adoption details. Mary-Ann Dunning

Puppy Alert!

This little family won’t be small!!!
I thought I’d just give you a preview of our latest litter 😍 Four boys and one girl. Just the cutest bundles of cuddliness ever! A man we’d never seen before brought them and said he’d drop them off in the fields if we didn’t take them. They’ll be big dogs so we’ll have to be a bit picky about where they end up but if you check back after the weekend, we’ll have individual photos of them.

We’ve waited for this. 😥 We expected this. 🤔 This has now happened. 😢

You probably all know by now that the hunting season finished last week and the simple fact is… they dump or murder their dogs in the most hideous ways. The hunters aren’t prepared to pay for food during the closed season and the less well the dogs have performed, then if death is their punishment, it will be more grizzly.

So when the “Gypsy man” as Colleen calls him, appears, we’re angry but we’re also relieved. The dogs are at least alive.

So this morning he turns up with a young female that we’ve called Opal and a young male called Jasper. Colleen had just finished settling them in to the newly refurbished indoor pens when the bell goes again. On the trailer is new mum Rayas with her two tiny puppies, Lucky and Charm. Also with them was handsome Mármol.

So this has happened in one morning. How many more will follow? I’ll give you now some facts.

If Colleen gets to sleep, the worry wakes her. You wonderful people donated towards a pallet of food which at €585 was due to be paid and in one weeks time the next pallet will have to be paid for again. Thankfully we have a little money donated towards this but not all. We have to buy puppy food. We have 100+ dogs. We have Vet bills. We have medication to buy. We have just ordered tick/flea drops. Today’s Galgos were alive with fleas and already the ticks are about. We have four Male Galgos booked in for sterilisation. The shop is quiet, Colleen is using her pension and going without and this really worries me. She’s been in bed with flu this week because she’s so run down and we can’t afford that.

What can we do to help Colleen to help the dogs that she never turns her back on? Can you help us, Friends of Paradise. This difficult situation is ongoing and I’m worried for my friend xx


Every month is a hard month but January’s really hard 😢

A Pallet of food for our adult dogs lasts for just under 3 weeks. It costs Colleen €585. As well as this, there’s puppy food to buy, things to add to the dry food, like the chicken which she cooks up. We have a sterilisation program and this week, three were sterilised at a cost of €330. There are lots and lots of hidden expenses like the gallons of cleaning products we use, the water tanker that comes to fill up our tank……and of course, never ending Vet bills, the list goes on.
Our Charity Shop has good days and bad days, during the winter months there are more bad ones. Our Coffee Club is great in that the monthly income from it is something we can rely on but at the moment our outgoings are much more than our income……so what to do? Well. I just wondered if there was a chance you could spare us the cost of a cup of coffee once a month or maybe just as a one off donation. You see I’d really like to give Colleen a bit of breathing space by trying to raise enough money for the next pallet and I’d like to give her a couple of worry free weeks. What do you think? Are you in?
The link to our Coffee Club is:
Our PayPal is
Thank you x